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    禮儀 Courtesy
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    廉耻 Integrity
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    忍耐 Perseverance
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    克己 Self Control
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    百折不屈 Indomitable Spirit

National Umpire Course

The next INTA National Umpire course will be held on the 20th June 2015.
This umpire course will cater for previously qualified umpires and will focus on developing skills in the Centre referee & Jury president roles as well as all other aspects and for umpires who require the refresher course.
This course is not suitable for members who have not previously completed the 2 day umpire course.
During this course the I.N.T.A. Tournament & Umpire committee will present I.T.F. rules.
All Instructors are asked to complete

the attached registration form with the details of their schools members participating in this course and return this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 17th June.
Course fees
€30 Fees must be paid on arrival
All participants are required to bring:
I.T.F. Official’s Attire (Blue Jacket, blue slacks, white shirt, plain blue tie, white socks, white shoes)
I.T.F. Dobok, Notebook & Pen.
Casual clothing is not acceptable for the Umpires Course.
Portarlington Taekwon-Do
Park Lane,
Co. Laois.

Saturday 17th   11:00 to 13:30
                       14:30 to 18:00