• Comp
    禮儀 Courtesy
  • Kids
    廉耻 Integrity
  • Waist
    忍耐 Perseverance
  • Sev
    克己 Self Control
  • Laughs
    百折不屈 Indomitable Spirit

First Aid


Well done to all INTA members who successfully completed the First Aid Course which was held in Dublin on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of July. The course was given by Ray Stears of Resus First aid. Ray is an experienced martial artist himself with a fifth dan in judo, and his understanding of the specific first aid needs for combat sports is impressive.


INTA demo team training

All black belts (13 years and above) interested in trying out for the INTA demonstration team should make themselves available for the first training session on Sunday the 26th of July in Firhouse Taekwon-Do from 12pm-2pm.

Please contact your instructor for further details.

MSBA Open Championships


Dear Masters and Instructors,

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your students, to the 14th MSBA Open Championships at - Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell - ML1 2TZ on Saturday 10th October 2015.

MSBA competitions are predominantly aimed at offering junior students the chance to gain competition experience and we have 4 junior age categories Up to 7 years, 8 & 9 years, 10-12 years, 13-16 years and our seniors are 17+  years.

All students can compete in individual events, patterns, sparring and special technique.   There will also be 3 man Tag Team Sparring for Juniors, Teens and Senior Divisions.


Looking forward to seeing you all,

Master S Sutherland , VIII Degree

Development Squads

The next development squad will be held this coming Saturday, the 27th of June in Firhouse Club Dublin from 11-3pm. We know that Summer months can mean that numbers are lower in the clubs but please encourage as many of your members as possible to attend. All those thinking of putting themselves forward for National Team Selection should also be attending these sessions.

As always the team will focus on all the different aspects of competition.