Mr. Nigel Stobie VI Degree

Dojang: Portarlington Taekwon-Do
2014 May 23rd - 25th
Completed 92nd International Instructors Course in Dublin under G.M. Marano, G.M. Bos & G.M. Lan Ung
2013 October 20
I.N.T.A. National Championships, Over 40s Black Belt Sparring 3rd Place
2012 December 2
R.I.T.A. Irish Open, Over 40s Black Belt Sparring 1st Place
October 21
I.N.T.A. National Championships, Over 40s Black Belt Sparring 1st Place
July 1
Completed International Umpires Course (IUC) under ITF Umpire committee, Master Alberto Katz, Master Sandy Dunbar & Mr Kurt Ottesen.
March 1.
Opened Full time Dojang at Park Lane, Portarlington.
2011 Promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt
Completed 60th International Instructors Course In Tralee under G.M. Marano, G.M. Trajtenberg & G.M. Bos.
Appointed to I.N.T.A. Tournament & Umpire Committee.
2010 1st Place Sparring I.N.T.A. National Championships 0ver 35’s.
Completed Irish Sports Council “Child Protection Officer” seminar.
2007 Appointed as I.N.T.A. events Officer.
Completed Irish Sports Council “Code of ethics & good practice for childrens sports” seminar.
2006 Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt.
Host/Organiser of INTA National Colour Belt Championships,
Portarlington, Co Laois.
2005 Completed International Instructors Course In Dublin under I.T.F. Technical Committee.
2004 Completed International Instructors Course In Belgium under I.T.F. Technical committee.
Elected to INTA Board.
Appointed INTA Fundraising Officer.
2002 Completed International Instructors Course at DCU, Dublin under Grand Master Rhee KI Ha.
Promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt.
Completed I.N.T.A. National Umpires Course.
2001 Completed I.M.A.C. Head & Neck Injury assesment Seminar.
1999 Promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt.
1996 Promoted to 2nd Degree Balck Belt.
1995 Joined I.N.T.A.
1994 Promoted to 1st degree Black Belt by Master Hee Il Cho.
Began Trainging at Templeogue under Master Val Douglas.
Became Instructor at Lucan Taekwon Do School.
1989 Began training at Greenhills Taekwon Do School under Mr James Faulkner.