Mr. Stuart O'Reilly V Degree.

 Dojang: HX Taekwon-Do

Mr. O'Reilly started his training at Dublin Institute of Technology Taekwon-Do Club under Mr. Jim Faulkner and Mr. Kevin Hannigan in 1994.

In 1998 he moved to Exchequer St. Taekwon-Do Centre to train under Master O'Toole and Master Martin.
He earned his 1st Degree in 2000, graded to 2nd Degree in 2002, and to 3rd degree in 2006.

Mr O'Reilly has competed regularly over the years and has won gold in the the national championships several times.

He earned a place on the national team in 2007 and 2008:

Represented Ireland at the European Championships 2007 Poprad Slovakia
Individual sparring, Team Sparring and Team Power (silver)
Represented Ireland at the World Championships 2007 Quebec Canada
Individual sparring, Team Sparring
Represented Ireland at the European Championships 2008 Wraslov Poland
Individual sparring, Team Sparring

Having assisted Mr. Cormac Llewellyn in running the DIT club for a number of years, Mr. O'Reilly opened his full-time Dojang, HX Taekwon-Do, in 2010. The dojang as grown steadily in the last few years, with regular successes on the competition circuit, very busy and hard working adult classes and two thriving children's groups (6-10 and 10-15) that look set to produce future national and international champions.
Mr. O'Reilly graded to 4th Degree in December 2011, and again to 5th degree in 2015. He still competes occasionally.