• Comp
    禮儀 Courtesy
  • Kids
    廉耻 Integrity
  • Waist
    忍耐 Perseverance
  • Sev
    克己 Self Control
  • Laughs
    百折不屈 Indomitable Spirit

20th Anniversary of the INTA Open


Just under 600 competitors partook in the 20th INTA Open on 9 & 10 March, participating in the longest running Open ITF Taekwon-Do Tournament in Europe. We were delighted to have competitors, officials, and guests from Norway, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.
At the 9:45 a.m. lineup on Saturday, there were 420 colour belts under the age of 14, from all 6 nations. These contestants were joined by the umpires, officials and guests; chief among them:

Mr Maguire, 6th degree, from Northern Ireland
Mr Kent-Marrast, 6th degree, Chief Instructor ITF HQ Wales
Master Fagan, 7th degree, INTA
Master Stobie, 7th degree, Head Umpire Committee
Master van Driessche, 7th degree, President of ITF Belgium
Master Donnelly, 7th degree, INTA
Master Franks,  7th degree, INTA
Master Martin, 8th degree, INTA
Master Howard, 8th degree, RITA
Master Nicolaisen, 8th degree, President of ITF Taekwon-Do Norway
Master Douglas, 8th degree,  Vice President of the INTA
Grand Master Vanberghen, 9th degree, Technical Director of ITF Belgium
Grand Master O’Toole, 9th degree, President of the INTA


The tournament ran smooth over 7 rings, and the last competitors were finished by 5 p.m. As always, the organizer's priority is to get the youngest home first; this showed around 1 p.m., when all those of 8 years and younger were finished, and most were on their way home. The feedback we received from coaches and umpires was of that of an enjoyable, relaxed day, with high standard competitors.

On Saturday night, the INTA had organized a delicious dinner in the CityNorth Hotel, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the INTA Open.

On Sunday, all black belts and colour belts from 14 years and up were taking to the mats; 160+ competitors in total. Once again, the standard of most competitors was excellent, and medals were hard earned.
Due to high demand, the organizers introduced 40+ sparring for colour belts (this was already in place for black belts), and it was a great success. There was also a big uptake in the Power division, which ran as one of the last items, just before the tournament finished around 14:30.

We would like to thank all our friends from here and abroad for your participation; together we made this into a great, and very enjoyable tournament.