• Comp
    禮儀 Courtesy
  • Kids
    廉耻 Integrity
  • Waist
    忍耐 Perseverance
  • Sev
    克己 Self Control
  • Laughs
    百折不屈 Indomitable Spirit

M.D.T.S. 6th Invitational Colour belt Taekwon-Do Tournament


Master Douglas Taekwon-Do Schools held their 6th invitational Taekwon-Do Tournament on Saturday the 25th of May. The whole event was a huge success with over 210 competitors from most of the Taekwon-Do Schools from the
The Tournament started at 10am with the children up to 12years competing in the 4 rings for the one Gold medal in each height category for male and female in this very spectacular special technique event (Overhead kick).
After that was finished it moved on to the patterns and sparring competition. where everyone put in a great performance. When the patterns were over the children and the adults were eager to get into the sparring gear where there were more great displays, from the competitors taking part in their first competition tothe more seasoned competitors. It was also a great privilege for M.D.T.S to have Grandmaster O Toole 9th degree, President of the INTA present at the tournament also, Master Neil Franks, Master Nigel Stogie and Master Alan Troy.
Everyone enjoyed the day in a safe and friendly atmosphere This was a great opportunity for members to catch up with old friends and make new ones.
A special Thanks to Ballygowan for their continued support in suppling refreshments for this event.
We would also like to thank all the people who helped set up the hall and clean up afterwards, the umpires who gave up their day to help at this great event, and the great support from all coaches who looked after all the students on the day.
Until Next year Taekwon.

Instructor & Technical Course 13th 14th April

Our first Instructor & Technical Course of 2019 took place on 13th & 14th April at Master Gerry Martins dojang, Beaumont Taekwon-do Centre. 100 members from 25 INTA School took part in two days intensive and detailed instruction from the INTA technical committee.
On Saturday morning Grandmaster O’Toole opened the ITC and welcomed everyone who came to take part, and then introduced the INTA technical team, comprised of Grandmaster Brendan O’Toole 9th Degree, Master Val Douglas 8th Degree, Master Gerry Martin 8th Degree & Master Terry Donnelly 7th Degree
Grandmaster O’Toole gave a detailed explanation about the theory of power & how to apply these principles in practice.
Master Donnelly then took the group though the morning warm up session working through our full range of movement and detailed co-ordination exercises ensuring that both the body and the brain were ready for the day ahead.  Then Mr Gareth Curran presented the INTA Instructors course with 1st to 4th degree members in a separate group.
Grandmaster O’Toole led the group through Sajo jirugi up to Yul Gok before lunch, practicing fundamental movements for each pattern, for every member to understand the application of each technique.
After lunch Master Franks took the group through their warm up and had everyone ready to continue practice throughout the day.

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Glanmire Friendly 2019


Glanmire Taekwon-Do held their friendly Tournament in Little Island, Cork on the 6th of April. The event kicked off at 9.30 am with an umpire meeting.

This year saw record number of umpires attend the event in addition to Grand Master O’Toole, Master Douglas, Master Franks, Master Delea, Master Stobie and tournament organizer, Master Troy and INTA Treasurer, Mr Liam Carberry.

Eighteen clubs were represented on the day which started at 10am for competitors. During the tournament, Grand Master O’Toole also awarded Master Troy his certificate for his recent promotion to 7th Degree. The Glanmire Club would like to thanks all those who travelled to umpire and partake in the event. A particular thank you to those who came the night before and stayed to help tidy up.

Well done everyone!