Grand Master Brendan O'Toole IX Degree



Grand Master O'Toole began his Taekwon-Do training in 1968. In his long career he has won everything there is to win in Irish Taekwon-Do, and competed successfully at world level.

However, Grand Master O'Toole's career has not been limited to massive success on the world stage. He is also one of the Ireland's most highly respected instructors. He has forged this reputation through his vast knowledge of Taekwon-Do, as well as his patience and clarity while instructing. Grand Master O'Toole is a co-founder of the INTA and, along with Mr. Martin, he has guided hundreds of students to black belt level, and beyond.

1971 Received grading award for best performance.  
1972 Received grading award for best performance.  
1975 British Open Tae Kwon-Do Championships: Sparring 1st, Power 1st, Patterns 3rd, Grand Champion
Cork V Dublin: Black Belt Sparring 1st
Dublin Black Belt Sparring 1st
Wexford Black Belt Sparring 1st
Received I Degree Black Belt
1977 1st Black Belt Open Championships: 1st Sparring, 1st Power, Grand Champion
Received II Degree Black Belt
1978 National Champion.
Represented Ireland in 2nd World Tae Kwon-Do Championships in Oklahoma City, USA.
1979 National Champion  
1980 National Champion.
European Championships, Crystal Palace. Captain Dublin Team.
Received III Degree Black Belt
1981 Captain of Irish Team in 3rd World Tae Kwon Do Championships in Argentina - winning Gold in Team Patterns, Silver in Team Power, and Bronze in Team Sparring. Gold in Individual Power. The Irish Team were overall winners - World Champions 1981.  
1982 European Championships, Italy, Irish Team Captain. Gold Medal Patterns and Bronze Medal Sparring. Individual Gold Medal Patterns and Bronze Medal Special Technique.
Member of European Selection Team which defeated the North Koreans.
1983 Los Angles Open, USA. Lightweight Sparing 1st.
Recieved IV Degree Black Belt
1984 G.I.K.O. World Martial Arts Spectacular, Lemmington, England. Irish Team Captain - defeating World Champion Tommy Williams.  
1985 Ireland V England Irish Team Captain.
Irish Team Open Winners Captain.
Kempo Ireland International Team Captain/Coach - Winners.
North of Ireland Kung-Fu Open Team Captain/Coach - Winners.
1986 Cork V Dublin Team Challenge Captain/Coach - Winners.  
1987 Received V Degree Black Belt.
Received Diploma in Exercise and Fitness Instruction in UCD.
Martial Arts Spectacular Dublin. Team Event - Captain/Coach - Winners.
1988 Dublin Open Tae Kwon Do Championships. 1st Sparring. 1st Patterns. 1st Power.
Dublin Millennium International Team Event Captain - Winners.
World Open Tae Kwon-Do Championships Leicester, England - Bronze medal Sparring.
Arklow Garden of Ireland Team Tournament Captain/Coach - Winners.
1990 Captained TKD Centre Team which won All-Style Martial Arts Team Spectacular in Dublin.
Launch of the Irish National Tae Kwon Do Association (I.N.T.A).
1991 Captain of I.N.T.A. Team which won two Bronze medals and Overall Best Technique Award at the European Open Championships in Germany.  
1992 Received International Taekwon-Do Instructor Certificate from I.T.F.
Attended International Seminar given by Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi.
1995 Received VI Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi.
Received International Umpire Class 'A' Certificate.
Attended International Seminar given by Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi.
1999 Attended International Seminar given by Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi.  



Received VII Degree Black Belt.

Received VIII Degree at IIC Benidorm, Spain


Received IX Degree at ITF World Championships, Dublin