Mr. Denis Gannon VI Degree

1985 Began Training in Sawmill Street TaeKwon-Do Centre

1988 Graded to 1st Degree by Master Norman Creedon
(TaeKwon-Do Federation of Ireland)

1990 Graded to 1st Degree by Master Hee Ill Cho 
(Action International Martial Arts Association)

1996 Graded to 2nd Degree by Grandmaster Park Jung Tae
Global TaeKwon-Do GTF

1997 Began as Instructor with Rivers Edge TaeKwon-Do Centre (GTF)

1999 Graded to 3rd Degree by Master Gianni Sarritzu
(Global TaeKwon-Do Federation)
2000 Competed in GTF World Championships, Rimini, Italy.
2001 Attended 2 day seminar with Hapkido Grandmaster Ik Kwan Kim 

2004  Graded to 4th Degree by Grandmaster Scott McNeely
United States TaeKwonDo Federation USTF
Word TaeKwon-Do Alliance WTA
International Chang-hon TaeKwon-Do Federation ICTF
Participated in 4 day Instructor seminar (Dallas)

2005 Opened Trabeg TaeKwon-Do
2009 Attended IIC, Benidorm, Spain 
2010 Graded to 5th Degree by Master Brendan O'Toole, I.N.T.A. , Dublin 
2019 Graded to 6th Degree by Grandmaster Brendan O'Toole, I.N.T.A. , Dublin