Master Nicolae Mesina VII Degree

1976 Commenced Martial Arts - Judo
1986 Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
1990 Joined ITF Moldova
Began training under North Korean instructor Sin Jae Sop 5th Dan
1991 Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt by ITF instructor Sin Jae Sop 5th Dan North Korea.
Member of first National Taekwon-Do ITF Team for 1st ITF Championships of USSR
1992-1995 National Taekwon-Do Moldova Championships: competing pattern, sparring,
special technique, power test, coaching and promoting for dan.
2007 Moved to Ireland
Founder of Rapid Taekwon-do club in Coolmine Sports Centre
Joined the INTA
Began training under my instructor Master Brendan O’Toole 8 dan ITF
2007 - 2017 Coaching and umpiring national and international championships,
attended many ITC and IIC and promoting for dan.
2018 Promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt ITF by Grand Master Brendan O'Toole and Grand
Master Frank Vanberghen